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Going Green For Your Home: Not As Tough As You Think

The battle cry this millennium seems to be “Go Green.” When decorating your home, you may want to jump on the bandwagon. If you do, the first thing is to make a commitment not to buy anything new this year unless absolutely necessary. Look around your house and find something you can recycle or that would work just as well. It’s economical, and it’s “Green.” Here are some pointers and tips to help you continue down the Green road.


      Go easy on the planet. Try not to buy anything new unless it is absolutely necessary. You may even try the neighborhood garage and rummage sales to find objects just as good without having to add to the chronic disposable flaws we, as a society, have developed over the past years.

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      There is no need to sacrifice your own personal style when decorating eco-friendly. You don’t have to stick with browns and beiges any longer. There are many colorful objects in the stores that are eco-friendly. If you must buy, you just have to look for the “green” logo on the packages and make sure the objects have recycled content.

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      Recycled content means that there are less raw materials used. There are also renewable objects, which means the fibers such as cotton and hemp have been grown without pesticides. Also, fewer raw materials are used to make recycled items.

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      You may find that this makes the items you want to purchase cost a few more dollars than their counterparts which are not recycled or produced in mass quantities. That is why you should always look around in your house, in your family’s houses and friends for what you are looking for. They may have something they no longer want which will be exactly what you are looking for.

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      Get together with friends, family and neighbors and host once a monthly swap meet. It is true that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. This is the most eco-friendly way of recycling and costs you nothing.

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      Purchasing cleaning products for your home is an easy task if you remember to look for the “Green” logo. There are many products on the market. Also combining one part vinegar and three parts water makes an all purpose household cleaner.

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      If you are planning to re-do a floor, look into the green floor coverings companies are coming out with. They look wonderful, allow you to use your own unique tastes and are made from recycled materials. The best part is that you don’t use any glue! The squares fit together like puzzle pieces, leaving no seams or residue behind. They are also very durable.


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